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  • How can you teach drivers the feeling of helplessness one gets when the car they are tailgating slams on the brakes and their car crashes into it? How can drivers experience the consequences of going too fast into a curve? How can drivers feel what its like to lose traction to the vehicle’s tires? How do you teach having only a fraction of a second to correct the fishtailing car after hitting a patch of black ice?
  • Our Skid Training can demonstrate all of the above listed situations very effectively, without leaving the parking lot! And, without traveling any faster than 15 mph! This is a powerful tool for prevention education. The Skid Monster (as the device is called), an invention of Professor Frederik Mottola, replaces the rear tires of a front-wheel drive car with two sets of castering wheels that are bolted to the rear tire lugs.
  • While the car may be traveling only 15 mph, the castering wheels simulate driving four times that speed! The Skid Monster can simulate what happens when speed is too fast for road conditions or for traffic situations. The Skid Monster can handle just like a normal car until the instructor flips a switch to release the casters, and then the car, if it is mismanaged, becomes a MONSTER. The idea is to show how easy it is to keep the car in control as compared to getting it back in control once it becomes a monster.
  • Students will be scheduled to go in groups of 3. The duration of the sessions will be 60 minutes.
  • The Skid training classes are held on certain Saturdays at the Arlington Ultralight Airport.
  • Please contact our office to purchase and for specific dates and times.
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  • For cancellations: please cancel or reschedule at least 10 days in advance. If the course is canceled within 10 days of your scheduled appointment, you will be put on stand-by and can call to reschedule within 10 days of another scheduled Skid date.

Join us for what may be the most important 1.75 hours you’ll ever spend in a vehicle, learning how to survive the ever-increasing challenges of dealing with heavy traffic and distracted drivers.

  • In this 1.75 -hour training course you’ll learn how to stop your vehicle in an emergency, and how to avoid collisions using your vision and your steering.
  • Ideal for the new driver, but open to drivers of all experience levels, the Advanced Collision Avoidance Training will build both skills and confidence.
  • Our team of instructors will share their vast knowledge with you, giving you years of experience in a matter of hours. You’ll leave with a whole new level of appreciation and understanding of your vehicle – just what you need to survive today’s hectic roadways.
    Do you know what to do if a pedestrian stepped directly in front of your moving vehicle? Should you brake hard, steer to avoid, or some combination? What if your vehicle has ABS and Stability Control – how does that help? And where do you look? You’ll not only know the answers to these questions after the Advanced Collision Avoidance Training, but you’ll have begun the critical process turning these into habits you’ll rely on in the critical split second that precedes emergencies.
  • The Advanced Collision Avoidance Training begins with a short briefing on what you’ll be doing during your session, as well as key terms and phrases you’ll hear from our instructors. Then you head into the real “classroom” – behind the wheel of your own vehicle. There, you start off with a simple but crucial slalom driving exercise, fine-tuning your steering and vision techniques. Next up you’ll practice emergency braking, learning how to stop your vehicle as quickly as possible. Finally, you’ll put your newly-developed skills to the test in a simulated collision avoidance exercise, where you’ll practice braking and steering to avoid an obstacle. All of this will be conducted in a safe environment where you’ll learn the limits and abilities of yourself and your vehicle.
    Surviving today’s roadways are a challenge – and it seems as though it will only get worse as more and more distracted drivers crowd our busy streets and highways. In 1.75 hours, during our Advanced Collision Avoidance course, you’ll learn how to not only survive this challenge, but feel confident in doing so. Driving your own vehicle, you’ll practice and develop critical emergency braking and collision avoidance skills.
  • Courses are held on specific Saturdays at Bellevue College.
  • For cancellations: please cancel or reschedule at least 10 days in advance. If the course is canceled within 10 days of your scheduled appointment, you will be put on stand-by and can call to reschedule within 10 days of another scheduled Collision Avoidance date.


Collision Avoidance
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