Driver Improvement Student Testimonials

“I actually enjoyed this course. I think that it is better than Driver’s E. It helped me realize that most drivers aren’t thinking about driving.”

– Andrew B. • 17 yrs. Old

“Why don’t they teach this stuff in high school? Uhg!

– Paul A. • 18 yrs. Old

“This class was very helpful, it gave me some new information that I haven’t thought of. I also feel that it would be a beneficial class to anyone that drives.”

– Jamey W. • 20 yrs. Old

“Great! Made a difference in attitude towards my driving.”

– Andre N. • 21 yrs. Old

“Made it so I was not bored and wanted to pay attention. [The instructor] did not totally criticize my mistakes. I realized that I’m still learning the correct way to react.”

– Cameron T. • 22 yrs. Old

“Very well organized and in-depth”

– Kristy M. • 23 yrs. Old.

“Good technique of teaching and involving participation.”

– Paulette P. • 33 yrs. Old.

Teen Program Testimonials

“This class was invaluable! Jeff gained confidence as a driver, but not overconfidence. He was able to pass some safe driving tips on to me. Thank you.”

– Marcia M. • student – Jeff M. (15 yrs. Old)

“This is an important safety class and if more people knew about these techniques, there would be more collision-free drivers on the road. [It] has taught me beyond my own expectations and I hope to be collision-free for life.”

– Jessica S. (16 yrs. Old)

“It was a great class! Very helpful! English is my second language, but I still learned a lot.”

– Crystal S. • 16 yrs. Old

“My experience in this class helped me achieve better driving skills. The teachers are very helpful.”

– Hassan T. • 16 yrs. Old