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Driving Success: JC Fawcett on Building Washington’s Top Driving School

Biz & Life Done Well with Peter Wilson Episode 107
April 18, 2024

Peter’s guest is JC Fawcett, President of Defensive Driving School, the largest driving school in Washington State. In this episode JC details the foundational narrative of his business, from acquiring a faltering driving school to navigating complex challenges and regulatory landscapes to foster growth and stability. This discussion delves into JC’s business philosophies, his proactive approaches to overcoming operational challenges, and his commitment to exceptional customer service. Gain insights into the strategic decisions that propelled Defensive Driving School to the forefront of the industry and the lessons learned along the way.

Tire goes through windshield of passenger van on NBI-5 in Lakewood

KING 5 News
September 21, 2023

Freak accident involving a rogue loose tire causes fatalities and injuries on the freeway in Lakewood. In an interview with JC Fawcett with Defensive Driving School, he says that fatalities and crashes have steadily declined in the last decade but the last few years that number has now been going back up which is surprising because cars and roadways are getting better. The most common causes of accidents are speed, intoxication, driving distracted, and following too close.

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Tips for driving in the rain

KING 5 News
October 16, 2019

There are a few things drivers can do to stay safe on the roads during wet weather. KING 5 interviews with JC Fawcett with Defensive Driving School, who suggests you turn headlights on all the time, not just in bad weather, which will reduce accidents by 20%, keep your following distance at 4 seconds, make sure wipers and tires are in good condition, and choose to drive safely.

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Washington state does not collect ‘road-rage’ data

Deborah Horne, KIRO 7 News
February 9, 2018

Bridget Johns and her brothers own the Defensive Driving School based in Kirkland. So she spends her days teaching others how to drive. But even she couldn’t avoid a speeding, aggressive driver. Nationwide, nearly 80 percent admit to raging on the road. KIRO 7 wanted to find out how many incidents of road rage happen here in Washington state.  We called Washington State Patrol, WASH DOT, and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. And we found out something startling: Nobody tracks road rage incidents in this state. Bridget says she teaches her students to leave enough space to avoid tangling with another driver. “Have a space cushion,” she said. “And so there’s one in front of me. There’s one in back of me. I can’t really control what’s going on in back of me. I can a little bit. But if someone cuts in front of me, I don’t care because I have space.”

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Simulator Snow Driving with Defensive Driving School

KIRO 7 News
February 2, 2017

KIRO 7 News interviews with JC Fawcett with Defensive Driving School, who shows what happens when you try to go the speed limit on icy roads in a simulator. Speed is the one thing driver’s can control on icy roads. Overconfidence in an all-wheel drive vehicle can be a problem. If you start to spinout, let off the gas and turn the front wheels in the direction you want to go.

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Defensive Driving School Simulator and Busiest time of year

Alex Rozier – KING 5 News
March 23, 2015

KING 5’s Alex Rozier interviews with JC Fawcett with Defensive Driving School, who says teens need their permit for 6 months and need 50 hours of practice before they can get their license.  There are new intermediate licensing laws to be aware. Sign up soon to avoid the summer rush for driver’s ed. Defensive Driving School offers simulator lessons to help in different driving scenarios and weather conditions.

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Get schooled in defensive driving techniques

By Christie Johnson – KING 5 News
October 28, 2010

If weather forecasts are correct, the Pacific Northwest could see one of the worst winters in decades. That could, of course, mean treacherous driving conditions. KING 5’s Christie Johnson drives with JC Fawcett with the Defensive Driving School in a car outfitted with a “Skid Monster,” a device that simulates what happens when the car speed is too fast for road conditions or traffic situations.

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Drivers: Time To Go Back To School? School Zone, Speeding, Other Troubles Leading To Tickets

By Brian Callanan – Q13 FOX
September 15, 2010

With school just starting up, a lot more of us than you might think need to go back to class. It’s time to re-learn how you drive–especially around school zones, where you could end up with a big ticket.

One of our area’s oldest driving schools, Defensive Driving of Bellevue, is hearing and seeing from its students that a lot of us are forgetting those basic rules of the road. School zone tickets and other driving infractions have been on the rise with the start of the school year. But there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe and keep yourself from getting a ticket.

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How to maneuver around bikes on city streets

July 30, 2010

With Seattle’s new emphasis on bicycle lanes, drivers are getting confused. Here are some tips on how to navigate around bikes on city streets.

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Price of gas changing youths’ social lives


Teens once reached their 16th birthdays with visions of driving and freedom racing through their minds. Now, instead of thinking about saving money for a new car stereo, young drivers are worried about gas prices……

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We’re out of practice driving on icy roads — and it shows


Let’s face it. Many Seattleites just don’t know how to drive in snow. Or on ice.

Snowy, icy conditions that have hit Western Washington in recent days would hardly shut down most cities in the Midwest or Northeast, but here people get stuck in traffic and then abandon their cars by the roadside…..

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No more leeway on cell phones

Talking on a hand-held phone while driving can earn you a ticket starting Thursday, even if you’re not breaking other laws.
By Jerry Cornfield
Herald Writer

J.C. Fawcett earns a living from teaching Snohomish County residents how to drive.

He is confident he can tell soon-to-be-licensed drivers that the roads will get a bit safer this week.

That’s because starting Thursday, law enforcement officers can stop and ticket drivers for violating Washington’s two-year-old ban on speaking on the phone while holding it to an ear or texting while driving……

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Street smarts: How parents can pick a good driving school for their teenagers

By J.J. Jensen
Seattle Times staff reporter

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for teens, and a big sign to parents that their kids are growing up really fast and are ever closer to leaving home said doting Redmond mother Holly Wright.

So, a few months back, when it was time to find a driving school for her 17-year-old, home-schooled daughter, Caitlyn, she wanted to make sure it was a company she believed was trustworthy.

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Summer video contest invites teens to promote safe driving

Submitted by Morris Malakoff on Tuesday, June 15th, 07:03am

The Defensive Driving School wants to see you put your fantastic, creative brains to work by submitting a video on how to drive safely.

The Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad, the 2nd place winner will receive their choice of an iPod or $200 cash and the 3rd place winner will receive $100 cash. The videos need to be educational, but having fun with out-of-the-box thinking is strongly encouraged as well.

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