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Things to keep in mind when registering for a teen class

Working together, we can help your student learn the skills and habits to become ticket and collision-free for life.

  • Provided in our classes: 34 hours of classroom, 5 hours of driving, and 1 hour student observation.
  • A parent information session will be held during the second hour of the fourth classroom session or will be scheduled outside of classroom session (you will receive an email letting you know).
  • We strongly encourage a parent or guardian to observe at least one driving lesson.
  • Minimum course length is 5 weeks and all course requirements must be completed within 4 months.
  • A driving permit is required before the first lesson and an electronic waiver will be reported once contact has been made to our office. Students can get their permit up to 10 days before the start date of class.
  • Driving lessons are held outside of classroom meeting times and will extend beyond the end of the classroom portion of the course and typically take place every 1-2 weeks starting the second week of class.
  • Upon completion of the course, an electronic certificate will be reported to the Department of Licensing. This process takes up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Most of our communication is through email. When registering please provide a valid, regularly checked email address for both student and parent.
  • Please keep all summer vacations and traveling in mind when registering for the course.
  • Students must be completed 4 months from the start date of class and are only allowed to miss 3 class sessions.

How do I register?

On the class you want, click “View More Info”, select any add-on products you wish to purchase, and then select the blue “Register” button. Just fill out your student’s information including creating a login for Schedule Agent, parent or guardian’s information, and your payment information. Then click on the boxes under enrollment terms (be sure to read all terms and conditions first), enter your initials, and press Submit.

Can I register over the phone?

Unfortunately not. You will need to register on our site or in person. The Department of Licensing requires that we obtain a signature for the terms and conditions (either on a form or digitally).

Can I register in person?

Yes, but only at our Kirkland or Lake Stevens offices. All other locations are classrooms and meeting places for previously-scheduled appointments and do not have office staff who can help you.

How does my student get a permit?

Defensive Driving School does not issue permits or licenses; only the DOL can do that. We upload waivers for our enrolled students to the DOL’s database. Students can pick up their permits from the DOL any time beginning 10 days before the start of class. Students are not required to have their permit by the first day of class, but they are required to have a permit before their first drive. It is not required for students to take the Knowledge Test before the class.

For more information on how to get a permit and what documents to bring to the DOL click on this link:

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. The payment plan requires a $200 minimum deposit to enroll and cannot be done online. Instead, print out the registration page for your desired class, fill it out, and send it with a check or money order to our central office in Kirkland (10505 NE 38th Pl, Bldg 9, Kirkland, WA, 98033). The remainder of the class must be paid off one week prior to the beginning of the course. Please note that drives cannot be scheduled until the class is fully paid off.

What’s the minimum age to start?

The Department of Licensing requires students must be 15 by the first day of class. There are no exceptions.

Can a student miss any classes?

Yes, students can miss as many as three days of class. All missed classes must be made up at a later date, before the student’s three month deadline. Please be aware that students cannot miss more than three days. If they miss a fourth, the DOL requires that the student be removed from class. All their remaining drives are cancelled, and they will have to pay a reinstatement fee to start over in a different class.

How long is the class?

All of our teen classes are at least five weeks long, with 30 hours of class time (divided into 15 two-hour classes), 4 hours of AAA Zero Error Driving Program (scheduled either in a separate 4 hour session or starting in the fall it will be added onto the classroom sessions so it will either be 15 sessions that are 2 hours 16 min. long or 17 sessions that are 2 hour long classes), five one-on-one driving lessons with an instructor, and one observation drive (where the student sits in the back and observes another student and instructor doing their drive). We will ask that students try to get three of those drives in before the last class, but the important thing is that all the student’s drives and classwork (including any make up days or test retakes) must be done by the student’s deadline. The deadline is three months from the first day of class.

What does my student do in class?

Students cover things like learning the rules of safe driving, how to change a tire, what to do in hazardous road conditions, how to handle road rage, driving on the freeway and at night (if you schedule a lesson after dark), and everything they’ll need to know for the written and driving tests for the Department of Licensing.

How do I schedule my drives and observation?

View this video for step by step instructions on how to login and schedule your drives and observation on

How do I cancel an appointment?

Contact our office or cancel the drive on Schedule Agent at least 2 business days (48 hours) in advance. For example: If you have an appointment on Monday at 3 PM, you would need to cancel the drive by Thursday at 3 PM to keep it at least 2 business days out. Any drive cancelled within 48 hours is considered lost and an additional lesson will need to be purchased, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

What is the AAA program?

The AAA Zero Error Driving Course is a 4 hour class that is added to the 30 hour course required by the Department of Licensing. This four hour AAA certified program provides students with valuable strategies to have zero errors while driving, thus reducing collisions. All AAA classes are build into the regularly scheduled class sessions, either as 16 minutes at the end of each class or as two 2-hour sessions held on two scheduled class days (usually the last two days of class).

Are the license tests done in class?

Unfortunately, no as it is no longer allowed by the DOL. However, we do offer testing at most of our locations, and our students who have completed the course are eligible for a discount package on the Knowledge Test and Skills Test.

Once I finish the course how do I get my license?

Upon successful completion of the course, including all required tests and activities, and upon the payment of tuition and fees, the Department of Licensing will be electronically notified that a student has passed our course, which must be done prior to obtaining a driver license. We will notify students via e-mail upon completion of our course. This notification to the Department of Licensing typically takes 3 to 4 weeks after all requirements are met. If you need expedited notification service, there will be a $21 rush fee charged. Personalized, physical certificates, if desired, can be ordered for $25.

Once you’ve received the course completion email you can schedule your WA State exams. There’s no need to wait until you’ve had your permit for 6 months or your 16th birthday. It’s best to take the tests when the information is fresh in your mind. You will receive a discounted testing package price in the course completion email (some conditions apply).

What is changing with WA driver’s licenses?

Please read the attached pdf for important information regarding changes to WA driver’s license numbers starting September 2018. Also, please read about whether you should upgrade to the Enhanced driver’s license that allows it to be used for commercial air travel starting Oct. 2020 as regular driver’s licenses will not be able to be used after that for air travel.

DLN_Real ID Fact Sheet

What’s the best way to supervise my teen’s driving?

Please see this great resource from the DOL that helps parents learn how to supervise their teen’s driving with helpful tips on how to teach vital driving skills.

The Parents supervised driving program

Beginning Adult

How do I sign up for lessons?

You can enroll online or download an application, fill it out and send it to our administrative office with payment and we will schedule you for lessons.

Can you guarantee a license at the end of my lessons?

No, we cannot guarantee that you’ll do well on your DOL exam. We will teach you the skills that you need to be ticket and collision-free, but we cannot say if you will always follow what you’ve been taught.

What is the average number of lessons?

It depends on your prior driving experience, age, skill level, ability to practice outside of instruction time and your cultural background. Our instructor can better inform you on the first lesson how many more you’ll need.

Can I sign up now and pay later?

No. We will reserve an appointment time for you when we receive payment in full.

Can I use my own car?

No. Because of state requirements and liabilities we require all driving lessons to be conducted in our vehicles.

Driver Improvement

Will the judge drop my ticket?

Every judge is different. With many of our students the judges have deferred the ticket so that it does not appear on your driving record as long as you don’t have a second offense.

Will the class lower my insurance?

Many insurance companies offer defensive driving class discounts. Call your specific company and ask them how they apply discounts for driving classes to your policy and premium.

Are you Washington State approved?

Yes. Many other states approve our courses, as well. Check with your out of state court to know if they approve us.

Additional Training Options

What is Skid Training?

This training is done with a specially equipped car on a closed course – parking lot (Arlington). In part of the training students learn life saving techniques on how to control a skidding vehicle. However, the most important part of the training is how to avoid getting into a skid in the first place. Skills that can take hours to learn on the road only take a few minutes to learn in the “skid monster”.

Sign up on this page:

What is Advanced Collision Avoidance Training?

Students bring their own vehicles to a course at Bellevue College on certain Saturdays. Students will learn the limits of their vehicle on a closed track and learn how to respond quickly to hazards. The Advanced Collision Avoidance Training begins with a short briefing on what you’ll be doing during your session, as well as key terms and phrases you’ll hear from our instructors. Then you head into the real “classroom” – behind the wheel of your own vehicle. There, you start off with a simple but crucial slalom driving exercise, fine-tuning your steering and vision techniques. Next up you’ll practice emergency braking, learning how to stop your vehicle as quickly as possible. Finally, you’ll put your newly-developed skills to the test in a simulated collision avoidance exercise, where you’ll practice braking and steering to avoid an obstacle. All of this will be conducted in a safe environment where you’ll learn the limits and abilities of yourself and your vehicle.

Surviving today’s roadways are a challenge – and it seems as though it will only get worse as more and more distracted drivers crowd our busy streets and highways. In 1.75 hours, during our Advanced Collision Avoidance course, you’ll learn how to not only survive this challenge, but feel confident in doing so. Driving your own vehicle, you’ll practice and develop critical emergency braking and collision avoidance skills.

Sign up on this page:

Do you teach Stick shift lessons?

Yes, we have stick lessons available out of our Redmond location. You may sign up for one or several, depending on what skills you desire to learn. We use our vehicle which is equipped with a dual clutch, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the transmission in your own car.

Sign up for stick shift lessons here: