Driver Improvement Training | Defensive Driving School


We offer various options to help improve your driving. From the 4 hour Safe Driving Course (level 1) to the Defensive Driving Course (level 1 and level 2) to Boot Camp to a Comprehensive Evaluation to determine if you are safe to drive, we offer it all.


The level 1 (4 – hour) online self-paced course satisfies the Washington State Requirement for those who are required to take the Safe Driving Course. Upon completion, applicant will receive a course completion certificate and we will notify the Department of Licensing of the course completion.


***This is the live National Safety Council Course held in-person at our Kirkland, Poulsbo, or Silverdale office.***

Kirkland 2023 classes: 9/09/23, 10/21/23, 11/18/23

Kirkland 2024 classes: 1/20/24, 3/2/24, 4/13/24, 5/18/24, 7/13/24, 9/7/24, 10/19/24, 11/16/24

Poulsbo 2023 classes: 10/7/23, 11/4/23 (last class in Poulsbo – select Silverdale for 2024 courses)

Silverdale 2024 classes: 1/6/24, 3/9/24, 4/6/24, 5/18/24, 8/3/24, 10/12/24, 12/14/24

Class times: All classes are held on Saturdays from 9am-4:30pm at our Kirkland office or Poulsbo office (please select the location you want below). You will be automatically registered for the next class. If the date and time scheduled does not work for you, please contact us at as soon as possible to reschedule to the desired date.

Please make sure your court/insurance company allows for a live National safety council course. This comprehensive program meets both Level 1 and Level 2 requirements.


Driver Improvement Program - Kirkland - $95
(National Safety Council’s® Defensive Driving Course DDC-8)


Driver Improvement Program - Poulsbo - $95
(National Safety Council’s® Defensive Driving Course DDC-8)


Driver Improvement Program - Silverdale - $95
(National Safety Council’s® Defensive Driving Course DDC-8)

Boot Camp - $289

Rehabilitation for problem drivers. Court / Insurance Approved. DDC-8-hour classroom session + Advanced Collision Avoidance Course.

Locations Available:
Comprehensive Evaluation - Kirkland - $345

Comprehensive driving evaluation with cognitive and visual components as well as an on-road assessment. This evaluation is designed specifically for people who may have lost their driving privileges for medical reasons or a senior assessment to evaluate if your loved one is safe to continue driving. You will meet at the Kirkland office. Please call the office to schedule your 2 hour appointment.

Locations Available: