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 Stick Shift Training


Ensure you have the ability to drive any car! We are the only school in the Puget Sound area to provide training in a manual transmission vehicle. Our dual clutch (one for you and one for the instructor) will make learning to stop, go and shift smoother for you and you don't have to worry about ruining the transmission on your own vehicle.

We offer stick lessons for teenagers and adults out of our Redmond and Snohomish locations.


90 Minute Stick Shift Lesson
Price: $135  
Locations Available:  

90 Minute Stick Shift Lesson w/ pickup
Price: $150  
Locations Available:  
* The pick-up and drop-off location must be within 5 miles and 10 minutes of one of our branch locations. If additional travel time is required for an adult lesson, it will be deducted from the lesson time.

3 (90 Minute) Stick Shift Lesson
Price: $405  
Locations Available:  
Promotion Price: $345 - SAVE $60