Road Signs Game | Defensive Driving School


road_signs_imgGet to know your signs and earn extra credit! Sharpen your roadside sign recognition skills by playing our online sign game. To earn extra credit on the midterm exam, simply pass at least three levels of the game. Extra credit not available for the final test.

Directions: – Click “Start” to start, click “Help” for help.

  • Click on a car to select it.
  • Click on a corresponding sign to destroy it.
  • Once the gauge next to the car is full and all the signs of that type are destroyed, the sign is cleared, and the car will be swapped for another one.
  • When a row of signs hit the cars, you will lose one life. If you lose all your lives, the game will be over.

NOTE: This program requires Adobe Flash Player 10 to run. If it is not installed, a link to go get Flash Player will appear instead of the application.

Click Here To Play