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J.C. Fawcett – Administrator and Instructor

JC has been teaching Traffic Safety since 1997. He's also a private pilot. He's married with two daughters and a son. He enjoys coaching his kid's soccer teams and playing pickleball with his family. .

Bridget Johns – Administrator and Instructor

Bridget joined Defensive Driving School in 2001. She and her husband have four boys (one deceased) and two girls. She enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering at the Paramount Theatre. She has a BA in English and TESOL certificate from Western Washington University. She began teaching English overseas in 1995 and loves working with young people.

Brett Fawcett – Marketing Director and Instructor

Brett does all the graphic design and marketing for the company. His latest project was the full color student workbook and is currently working on putting the classroom presentations in Flash. He and his wife Katie love spending time with their two sons Jackson and Weston. Brett graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Music in 2002.

Katie Fawcett – Human Resources Director

Katie is originally from West Linn, Oregon. She grew up in a large family of ten children. She enjoys dancing, music, sewing, photography, and spending time with her family and friends. She was married to her husband Brett in 2007. They have two boys Jackson and Weston. Katie received her undergraduate degree in finance from Brigham Young University in 2006. She went on to receive her Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude, from Seattle University in 2009.

Larry Pierce – Lake Stevens Franchise Owner

Administrator and Instructor Larry was raised in Moses Lake, Washington, and is a graduate of Arizona Automotive Institute. He is committed to training new drivers how to drive safely as they interact with other drivers. Larry enjoys teaching students in the classroom, as well as working with them individually on their driving skills.Interests include spending time with his family and boating activities.

Carol Howie – Lead Instructor

Carol has been with Defensive Driving School since 1989. She enjoys teaching in the classroom and also behind the wheel. Carol is one of our National Safety Council defensive driving course instructors and holds a teaching degree from the University of Washington. She loves reading historical fiction and spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Verla Douge – Lead Instructor

Verla Douge is the mother of five grown children (one deceased) and has been married to her husband Richard for nearly two thirds of her life. She has experience with the Mukilteo School District as a teacher’s aid in the special education program. Occasionally, she is able to use sign language for teaching our deaf driving students. Verla started teaching driver’s education in 1998 and has been with Defensive Driving School since 2000. She enjoys teaching the teenagers and meeting the adults that come here from all over the world to learn to drive.

Gayan Pillai – Lead Instructor

Gayan comes to us from Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. He recently retired from Alaska Airlines after serving more than 40 years in the aviation industry and is a qualified pilot. He also served as an air traffic control instructor for several years and holds an Aviation Diploma. He also is a qualified paralegal. Gayan started teaching Driver Education in 1996 and joined Defensive Driving School in 2005, teaching out of our Kent location. He also teaches the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course. Gayan served as the Instructor Representative for the Department of Licensing’s Driver Training Schools’ Advisory Committee. He is an Instructor Trainer, WA State Certified Master Examiner qualified to provide training and certification to Instructors who qualify as Examiners for the WA State . Gayan and his wife keep themselves well entertained with their three boys, daughter in law and grandson..

Christina – Office Manager

Christina has been with Defensive Driving School since 2009. She's happily married with 2 daughters and was previously a stay-at-home mom. Prior to having children, she served in the Air Force as an Information Manager. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, the great outdoors, and reading a good book..

Connie – Driving Instructor

Connie teaches out of our Snohomish location. She is a retired Community Transit bus driver and trainer. .

Issac – Driving Instructor

Issac teaches out of our Monroe location..

Michelle – Driving Instructor

Michelle teaches out of our Factoria and Eastgate locations.

Christian – Driving Instructor

Christian teaches out of our Seattle location. He also is a pilot and teaches sailing lessons as well..

Tom – Driving Instructor

Tom works out of our South Everett location. Tom also has a video production crew that streams live rock shows at night in the Seattle area. .

Bill – Driving Instructor

Bill teaches out of our Juanita High School location..

Jim – Driving Instructor

Jim has a degree in architecture and practiced for 27 years. He also served the community as a police officer for 15 years. Jim has also taught first aid, skiing, high performance racing, and core drafting at Seattle Central CC. He is currently writing a book about how to get your drivers license in Washington.

Matt – Driving Instructor

Matt teaches out of our Redmond High School and Redmond locations .

Jordan – Driving Instructor

Jordan teaches out of our Seattle location..

Jim – Driving Instructor

Jim teaches out of our Issaquah and Kent locations..

Tessie – Driving Instructor

Tessie is teaching out of our Bremerton Location..

Mark – Driving Instructor

Mark has worked for the Lake Stevens Defensive Driving School location since 2004. For enjoyment Mark spends time with his wife and kids and watches his kids participate in their various activities. He also likes to play and coach basketball, and has taught math in Lake Stevens since 1997.

Greg – Driving Instructor

Greg teaches out of our Poulsbo location. .

Barbara – Instructor

Barbara has a MA from the University of Illinois and a long background of teaching English in college and university settings in this country as well as in the Middle East and Europe Now she enjoys teaching driver's education to teens because she believes it is a place she can make a difference.“I really want my students to understand the responsibility they have as drivers and to know what they need to be safe on the road.” When she is not teaching driver's ed., she likes photography, golfing, hiking and camping..

Tad – Instructor

Tad teaches both classroom and behind the wheel classes at our Woodinville location and teaches skid training. He also is employed full time with the Northshore School District. He has been with our company since 2007..

Jenay – Instructor

Jenay loves teaching and joined our school in 2008. She is an artist at heart and loves to create things. Jenay is the mother of five children, including two sets of twins..

Kit – Instructor

Kit began teaching traffic safety in the 1990s. He is a full time teacher for the Marysville School District. He teaches at our Snohomish location and enjoys riding his bike..

Jon – Instructor

Jon has been teaching drivers ed since 2000 in Snohomish county. He enjoys spending his time with family and friends, listening to good music and watching the Lakers!.

Fay – Instructor

Fay has spent 26+ years with Defensive Driving School and has never worked a job he didn’t enjoy. He served in the Army and has worked in the service station business for 20+ years, many of those as an Owner Operator. Fay’s stories about growing up in a large family on a farm are always entertaining and his sense of humor doesn’t skip a beat. He and his wife have raised many children, including dozens of foster children. He is a pilot, mechanic, coach, historian, and overall sports addict.

Glenn – Instructor

Glenn joined the Defensive Driving team in 2005. He teaches classroom and driving in Snohomish as well as stick shift lessons on the Eastside and in the U-District. We like his easy going personality and willingness to help out in any way he can. His students benefit tremendously from his calm demeanor and ready smile. Glenn moved to the Puget Sound from Kansas where he had been a 3rd grade teacher and an administrative assistant. This probably explains why his handwriting is next to perfect. He now lives with his soul-mate Karin in Kirkland in a color-filled house and garden. Their passions include backpacking, gardening, photography and movies..

Jean – Instructor

Jean’s entire adult life has been spent working with children. She drove school busses for 10 years and began teaching students to drive in 1998. She’s also taught Sunday School and other programs for children..

Sue – Instructor

Sue has been with Defensive Driving School in Lake Stevens since 2004. Sue and Larry are married and have three children, who have all learned to drive defensively with Defensive Driving School. She has a BA in English from the University of Washington, and enjoys reading and traveling.

Phil – Instructor

Phil has been teaching traffic safety since 2006. He teaches out of the Lake Stevens and Mukilteo locations..

Jim – Instructor

Jim is a graduate of the University of Washington and has retired after 30 years of teaching high school English and photography. He has been teaching drivers education for 27 years. He has been married forty years, has three daughters, and enjoys the challenge of staying mentally alert at an old age..

German – Instructor

After 25 years in the jewelry business, German retired, only to make a comeback as a driving instructor. For the past 11 years, he has been coaching youth sports and three years ago he began refereeing youth soccer games. In his free time he likes to play soccer and spend time with his wife, daughter, and son.

Sally – Instructor

Sally grew up in England, drives a School bus in Monroe. Enjoys cooking for and spending time with her kids and friends. Likes to play outside, skiing, kayaking hiking etc. Spends most weekends up in the snow at Stevens Pass. Became a driving instructor in 2009..

Jason – Instructor

Jason teaches out of our Jackson High School location in Mill Creek..

Bryan – Instructor

Bryan teaches out of our Seattle location.

Natalie – Instructor

Natalie comes from a family of driving enthusiasts and educators who believe driving can be both safe and fun. It is important to Natalie her students understand traffic laws are not designed to be punitive, rather they are designed to keep the public safe and to keep traffic moving. A daughter of a military officer, Natalie has lived all over the United States and Europe. She has lived in Seattle for eleven years, spending the last three in West Seattle..

Bill – Instructor

Bill has been with Defensive since January 2011. He has been teaching teens and adults for 20 years. He has a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts and Drama, as well as a degree in Music. He loves helping people learn, Acting and singing as well as proper driving techniques..

Isaac – Instructor

Isaac teaches out of our Issaquah location..

Matt – Instructor

Matt teaches out of our Kamiak High School location in Mukilteo.

Rick – Instructor

Rick has been teaching traffic safety since 1988. He has a Master of Science degree from the University of Idaho in Sport Science. He stays active by being a Boy Scout leader in my boy's troop and an avid bicyclist. He is married with 3 children. .

Michele – Instructor

Michele lives in Granite Falls. Her two daughters enjoy college life in Boston and Seattle, and are Defensive Driving graduates who maintain their super hero driving status' when on our county roads. Michele loves to write, tutor and study world religions when away from the joys of the car and classroom. She believes that every teen is a gifted asset to all existence..

Tyson – Instructor

Tyson spent ten years in the US Army, training soldiers how to drive military vehicles. He left the service to pursue a career in law enforcement. After five years he found that law enforcement wasn't as rewarding as teaching and needed a change. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his military/police service to teaching people how to drive. Tyson enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. His wife Jeanne is glad Tyson traded in his gun for a brake pedal.

Tim – Office Administrator

Tim works out of our main office location in Bellevue. .

Sheena – Office Manager/Certificates

When not at work, Sheena takes time to catch up on missed TV shows and spending time with family members..

Desiree – Office Staff: Certificates

Desiree is a cheerful mother of two boys, and loves spending time with family and friends.