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Please review the terms and conditions of the services for which you are registered.

Teen Courses:
General Information: State law requires that students be 15 years old by the first classroom session of the course, that students not miss more than 3 classes, and that students not enroll after the third class. Teen driving courses must not be less than 5 weeks in length and all course requirements must be completed within 3 months. If a student misses a 4th classroom session or is not complete with all the course requirements in 3 months, the student will be dropped from the program and will need to reinstate into a future class should they wish to complete the course. The reinstatement fee is $175. Behind-the-wheel driving lessons are scheduled separately from the classroom sessions and typically extend beyond the last classroom session. No food, drink or gum is allowed in instruction cars or in the classroom. The participant and/or the parent or guardian of a minor participant, grants permission for the participant to have photos and/or videos taken of him/her, without recompense, to be used for publicity purpose. Understanding the Department of Licensing requirements is crucial for parents and students to successfully complete our program and to obtain a driver license.
Classroom Sessions: Students are accountable for their classroom conduct and attendance. Students will be dismissed from the course without a refund for misbehavior, excessive tardiness, more than 3 absences, or multiple failed tests (score of 80% or below). All absences must be made-up and all failed tests must be retaken. Students will receive a course workbook at the start of the course. Replacement workbooks may be purchased for $10. Parents are expected to attend a parent informational session, during which intermediate licensing and organ donation will be discussed. Parental involvement is required if a student fails a test. Defensive Driving School reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment.
Behind-the-Wheel Lessons: Students will receive instructions during the first week of class how to schedule their drives online using Schedule Agent. Students are required to complete 6 behind-the-wheel driving lessons. To reschedule or cancel behind-the-wheel lessons, please log in to Schedule Agent. If a driving lesson needs to be changed, students must log in and cancel the session at least 2 business days (48 hours) before the scheduled lesson. Weekends and holidays are not considered business days. If a student cancels a lesson less than 2 business days in advance, does not bring a valid learner's permit to a lesson, or fails to show up for a lesson, he/she will be charged as if he were present at the lesson. He/she will be required to purchase an additional lesson to make-up for the missed lesson. Additional lessons are $60 per one hour lesson. Students are required to observe at least one other student's lesson.
Completion of the courseUpon successful completion of the course, including all required tests and activities, and upon the payment of tuition and fees, the Department of Licensing will be electronically notified that a student has passed our course, which must be done prior to obtaining a driver license. We will notify students via e-mail upon completion of our course. This notification to the Department of Licensing typically takes 2 to 3 weeks after all requirements are met. If you need expedited notification service, there will be a $29 rush fee charged.  Physical certificates, if desired, can be ordered for $25. 
Refunds: All refunds are subject to a processing fee of $35 if requested 7 days before the first day of class. If you need to transfer classes, you must request it at least seven days before the first day of class. 50% of tuition will be refunded if cancellation occurs within 7 days of the first day of class, but before the 2nd class session. There are no refunds after the 2nd class.
Driver License Testing:
General Information: To get a Washington State driver license, applicants are required to pass a knowledge test and a driving test. Defensive Driving School is authorized by the Department of Licensing to provide both the knowledge and driving tests. In order to test with our school, applicants must first visit a Department of Licensing office or may pre-apply online. Anyone under the age of 18 years of age must have completed a Driver's Education Course within the state of Washington. For both the knowledge and driving tests, applicants need to provide a valid PIC number issued by the Department of Licensing, along with proper photo identification. Applicants must call to confirm eligibility and availability prior to registering for driver license tests.
To reschedule a test, customers must log into Schedule Agent at least 2 business days (48 hours) before the scheduled test time. If a customer cancels a lesson less than 2 business days in advance, does not bring a valid learner's permit or license to a test, or fails to show up, he/she will be charged as if they were present at the scheduled time. Customers will be required to purchase an additional test if they wish to test with us. Customers must arrive on-time for the test. Any late arrivals will not be able to test.
We offer the knowledge test in  English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Korean.
Scores for the knowledge and driving test will be reported to the Department of Licensing electronically within 24 hours. Passing the knowledge and driving test does not guarantee that an applicant will be issued a driver license. The Department of Licensing will determine if an applicant has met all licensing requirements. The Department of Licensing reserves the right to retest applicants who complete tests through Defensive Driving School. Retesting is done at random at no cost to the applicant.
By purchasing a test, the purchaser acknowledges notification of our policies and procedures regarding testing.
Refunds for Driver License Testing: Refunds will not be given for driver license tests. There are no refunds for anyone who applies but does not complete the drive test.  In the event that Defensive Driving School cancels a scheduled test, the applicant will be given the option to reschedule the test or obtain a full refund.  
Knowledge Test: The knowledge test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions about traffic safety laws. Applicants must answer at least 20 questions correctly in order to pass the test. Applicants will be given a maximum of 25 minutes to complete the test. Applicants who arrive late for their scheduled tests will not be allowed to test. The knowledge test will be offered at specific times at select locations. For more information, please call our office at 425-643-0116.
Driving Test: The driving test will test applicants' ability to drive legally and safely. Applicants must pass the driving test with a score of 80 or better out of 100 possible points. Applicants who arrive late for their scheduled tests will not be allowed to test. For more information on what applicants will be evaluated on, please visit the Department of Licensing's driving test page.
Applicants may provide their own vehicles or use one of our vehicles to use for the driving test. Our cars are small to midsize sedans with automatic transmissions. If using our car, applicants are encouraged to schedule a practice session prior to the test to become comfortable with the operation of the vehicle. Pick-up and drop-off services are available. Please see Pick-Up and Drop-Off section below.
The following requirements must be met if applicants elect to use their own vehicles for the driving test:
  • All brakes lights must work
  • All turn signals must work
  • Seat belts must function and be used
  • License plates must be on front and back of vehicle with current tabs on rear plate
  • Windshield must not be not cracked or chipped in the line of vision
  • If raining, windshield wipers must function and the defroster system must work properly to defog the windows
  • Tires must meet state requirements for tire tread (no bald tires)
  • A valid insurance card must be presented at the time of testing (examiner may verify insurance with carrier)
The Department of Licensing reserves the right to conduct random re-examinations. If an applicant has a physical disability (even temporarily), the Department of Licensing must conduct the skills examination. Applicants refusing to take a re-examination may have their license revoked.
Any grievances about a driving test must be submitted in writing with a carbon copy of the test.  Mail this to: Defensive Driving School, 13219 NE 20th Street, Suite 206, Bellevue, WA 98005.
Adult Lessons:
Adult students must carry a valid learner's permit or license during every lesson. To reschedule or cancel lessons, students must log into Schedule Agent at least 2 business days (48 hours) before the scheduled lesson. Weekends and holidays are not considered business days. If a student cancels a lesson less than 2 business days in advance or fails to show up for a lesson, he/she will be charged as if he were present at the lesson. Refunds will be granted only if requested at least 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the scheduled lesson. All refunds will be subject to a $35 handling fee. Lessons must be taken within 3 months of payment. There will be no refund on unused lessons.
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service:
Pick-up and Drop-off services are available for adult lessons and for applicants registered to take the driver license driving test. The pick-up and drop-off location must be within 5 miles and 10 minutes of the branch location selected. If additional travel time is required for an adult lesson, it will be deducted from the lesson time.
Under no circumstances will Defensive Driving School share client's personal information unless required by law.