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 Driver's License Testing


Defensive Driving School now offers drive test appointments, many within a few days. Bellevue location typically will have same day openings.

So what do you need to do to use our testing services?

  1. Register for License Express on the DOL's website if you do not already have a Washington I.D. card. At the end of the process, you will be given a PIC # (Personal Identification Code) which is a combination of letters and numbers. Write this number down as it will be required to enroll in both the Knowledge or Skills test. Make sure you have this when you arrive for the test, in addition to I.D.

  2. Study the Washington Driver Guide to prepare for the Knowledge Test.  Take our practice test here with your smart phone.
  3. Pass the Knowledge Test. Register for the test on our secure website. We accept Discover, Visa and MasterCard payments. When we receive your order, our office will call you to set up a testing appointment. 
    If you took a teen course with us, your first two attempts are free WITH
     the purchase of a Drive Test. Please call our office to pay and schedule.

  4. Practice driving every day. Drive so often that your confidence and skill will overcome any test anxiety that may hit you. You will also need to go to the DOL to get a learner's permit before doing any driving practice on the road.

  5. Pass the on-road Skills Test. Register for your on-road Skills Test and our office staff will help you schedule a convenient test time at the location of your choice. If you need an appointment as soon as possible, we often have weekday openings at our Bellevue location. What's on the driver's test? Click each link to see a video of the pre-test, backing, parallel parking, lane changing and turning

    *If you are under the age of 18, you will need to have confirmation that you have taken a Driver's Education Course in Washington State.

Final Step

Go to the DOL office nearest you to complete the Licensing application process. This includes paying an application fee, having your picture taken, and receiving your license. Some documents you will need to bring include:

  • Proof of Identity,
  • Traffic Safety Course Certificate (if applicant is 16 or 17 years old)
  • Social Security Number (actual card not necessary),
  • Proof of Residency.

Good luck! We wish you well as you prepare for your license.

Knowledge Testing Locations and Hours

Register by clicking the link below.

WALK IN LOCATIONS (no appointment necessary):


Day(s) & Time(s)


Tue, Wed, Thu at 10a-5:30p
Fri at 10a-4:30p
Sat at 9a-3p

Must arrive on-time, late arrivals will not be able to test.
This location is not wheel-chair accessible.

Tue at 6p
Sat at 12:30p

3205 148th Ave SE

Tue at 1-2p
Wed at 11a-12:30p

Thu at 1-2p

Fri at 6:30-8p

Mercer Island

Sat at 12:30p


Sat at 12:30p

 BY APPOINTMENT LOCATIONS (must arrive on time, late arrivals will not be able to test):


Day(s) & Time(s)

Bellevue - Northup
13219 NE 20th St

Wed at 6p

Bonney Lake
10221 214th Ave E

Tue at 6p
Sat at 12p

13215 SE 240th St

Mon at 3:30p (ending 4/27)
Mon at 7p (starting 5/4)

Lake Stevens
This location is not wheel-chair accessible.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu at 12p & 5:15p
Fri at 12p & 4:15p


Sat at 11:00a (4/25)
Sat at 9a (5/2-6/20)
Sat at 9:30a (6/27)
Sat at 12:30p (starting 7/11)

This location is not wheel-chair accessible.

Fri at 5p

North Everett
2524 Colby Ave

Mon at 5p
Wed at 1p
Sat at 12p

Port Orchard
1700 Mill Hill Dr #125

Sat at 12:30p


Mon at 5p

5031 University Way NE #201

Mon at 7p
Tue at 5:30p
Thu at 5:30p
Sat at 9a & 9:30a


Sat at 10a (starting 4/18)

821 Ave D
Friday testing times will change to 1p on 5/1.

Mon at 6p (starting 4/20)
Fri at 12:30p

South Everett
12720 4th Ave W at 128th St

Tue at 5:30p
Thu at 1p

West Seattle

Tue at 5:30p (except 4/28)
Wed at 5:30p (4/29)
Sat at 1p


Sat at 11:30a

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